Bronmin's 10 Ways to Get Into a Writing Rut

1. Start writing what you really want to write, then stop, and write something you think will be more marketable.

2. Define yourself by your rejection letters.

3. Write something everyone will love.

4. Write something that will make you loved.

5. Whatever you do, don't write poetry.

6. Don't go out of your way to support your peers unless there's something in it for you. None of them are really in your league, anyway.

7. Complain often about how difficult it is to be a writer to anyone who will listen.

8. Only read works by writers who are in your same social class or ethnic group, share your beliefs, and have a similar background.

9. Stick to writing nonfiction; it's the only thing that sells.

10. Wait to be "discovered" before doing any actual writing.